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Smart Services Worlds

The technology programmes "Smart Service World I" and "Smart Service World II" are designed to develop cutting-edge technologies for further digitisation of the economy and society.


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Safe apps for cars (Smart Services World I technology programme)

In modern vehicles, comfort, infotainment and networking functions are increasingly implemented via software applications (apps). Manufacturers have to fulfil high safety requirements and meet the extensive functional demands of users. The aim of the PASS project is to develop an open software platform for the uniform development, simple provision and secure execution of apps in vehicles. It is important to implement a safety concept that monitors the execution of apps and restricts access to vehicle functions with the help of security standards. The system will be designed to be open to third-party applications and will enable a variety of services and business models.

Contact: Dr. Benedikt Bauer (TWT GmbH Science & Innovation),

Project partners: TWT GmbH Science & Innovation (consortium leader); atsec information security GmbH; Continental Automotive GmbH; Elektrobit Automotive GmbH; fortiss GmbH; SYSGO AG