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Smart Services Worlds

The technology programmes "Smart Service World I" and "Smart Service World II" are designed to develop cutting-edge technologies for further digitisation of the economy and society.


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Crowd-based network of intelligent retail services for the stationary provision of basic services to regional communities (Smart Services World II technology programme)

The project "CrowdMyRegion" aims to create a social supply network that uses modern technology to enable neighbours to help each other. This involves assistance with everyday errands to chemist's shops or supermarkets, for example, which in rural areas are often difficult to access without a car. In addition to consumers, it is also the trading companies that benefit: they can identify new business models on the basis of newly acquired data – for example on regional demand for certain products.

Contact: Marko Jeftic (ciconia Software UG),

Project partners: ciconia Software UG (consortium leader); Lunar GmbH; Universität Mannheim; fastahead GmbH & Co. KG