GreenTech Innovation Competition

The digital transformation presents Germany with significant opportunities for a sustainable future. Increasingly, companies are embracing eco-friendly technologies and innovative solutions to reduce their ecological impact. Through the GreenTech Innovation Competition, the BMWK is offering specific assistance to these advancements, aiming to establish Germany as a frontrunner in green technologies and services. This technology programme contributes to the attainment of climate and environmental protection objectives, while also bolstering Germany's and Europe's competitiveness.

Smart Living

Intelligent home and building technology is a market of the future. Thanks to integrated systems, buildings will not only be safer, more comfortable and more efficient, but will also make a greater contribution to health prevention and self-determined living in old age.

Edge data economy

In the coalition agreement "Dare more progress", the Federal Government set itself the goal of launching a digital awakening and promoting key digital technologies as well as the digital sovereignty of the economy. The technology programme "Edge data economy" ties in with this and is intended to help secure German and European digital sovereignty and strengthen Germany as a location for technology and innovation. The technology programme will stimulate the balancing of edge and cloud data spaces as a basis for sovereign data exchange and use.

ICT for electric mobility

Information and communication technologies (ICT) play an important role in electric mobility. They control all important functions in the electric vehicle and form the basis for its integration into future intelligent energy and transport systems.

Quantum Computing - Applications for industry

The Federal Government of Germany has set the goal of promoting the use of quantum technologies, and quantum computing in particular. The funding programme "Quantum Computing - Applications for industry" addresses the creation of quantum computing software for problem solutions in practical, economic applications.

5G Campus networks

In the future communications technology 5G and, prospectively, 6G, Germany is to take a leading role as a technology provider among the world leaders. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) is therefore funding R&D projects in this area at national and European level.

AI Innovation Competition

The AI Innovation Competition launched by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) aims to promote artificial intelligence in all important areas of the economy while focusing strongly on the needs and opportunities of Germany’s many small and medium-sized companies.

Showcase programme “Secure Digital Identities”

The "Secure Digital Identities” showcases aim to strengthen digital sovereignty by developing German eIDAS solutions, which are equally user-friendly, trustworthy and cost-efficient. These solutions should be easier to access for administration, businesses - especially SMEs - and the population. The aim is to create application-oriented eID ecosystems that are characterised by openness, interoperability and simple, intuitive and barrier-free usage.