Calls for proposals

Funding Programme

With the funding programme "Development of Digital Technologies" (2022 to 2026), the BMWK aims to address current thematic priorities and challenges quickly and flexibly through timely calls for funding. Based on the funding programme, specific calls for funding are published and the procedure for submitting project proposals is explained.


The digitalisation of living environments is associated with great opportunities for society and the economy. High expectations are directed at the potential of Smart Living technologies to contribute to more sustainability in living and residential environments. The aim of the "SmartLivingNEXT" funding call is to create a universal, AI-based ecosystem that simplifies, accelerates and makes cost-effective the development of sustainability-oriented Smart Living services and applications. Potential users are addressed, especially on the topics of energy saving, health prevention and care as well as security.

GreenTech Innovation Competition

Digital technologies have the potential to reduce climate-damaging emissions by up to 20 %. The "GreenTech Innovation Competition" call for proposals aims to leverage this potential in order to contribute to achieving German and European climate and environmental targets. Building on this, the call for proposals is intended to increase Germany's competitiveness in the field of Green Technologies and Green Services and to strengthen German and European sovereignty.


Information on funding calls for which the submission deadline has already passed can be found in this section.