Calls for proposals

Funding Programme

With the funding programme "Development of Digital Technologies" (2022 to 2026), the BMWK aims to address current thematic priorities and challenges quickly and flexibly through timely calls for funding. Based on the funding programme, specific calls for funding are published and the procedure for submitting project proposals is explained.

Generative AI for SMEs

With the call for funding "AI Innovation Competition - Generative AI for SMEs", the BMWK aims to promote innovative and practical approaches for the productive use of generative AI in companies, especially SMEs, as well as research into novel, AI-based business models.

Innovation concepts

Projects for forward-looking development and utilisation of digital technologies can be funded independently of calls for funding in the form of an "innovation concept". The conceptual work can be the starting point for subsequent R&D projects for practical implementation, testing and demonstration.
Use this opportunity to prepare technical paradigm shifts and significantly develop individual sectors or fields of technology!


Information on funding calls for which the submission deadline has already passed can be found in this section.