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Smart Services Worlds

The technology programmes "Smart Service World I" and "Smart Service World II" are designed to develop cutting-edge technologies for further digitisation of the economy and society.


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Smart Farming Welt

Smart networking of agricultural processes (Smart Services World I technology programme)

The "Smart-Farming-Welt" project develops the technological basis for intelligently networking the agricultural processes among manufacturers and organisations. Agricultural machines today already use a large number of sensors that record machine- and process-related information. The information for process automation and decision support is to be obtained by combining data from different sources (machine, partner machines in the environment, sensors, weather, planning information, manufacturer expertise, etc.) and made available both in real time on the field and for downstream evaluations. This makes it possible to offer services such as machine adjustment optimisation, optimal fertilisation and harvesting strategies and process automation.

Contact: Arndt Kritzner (Logic Way GmbH),

Project partners: Logic Way GmbH (consortium leader), CLAAS E-Systems KGaA mbH & Co KG, Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz GmbH (DFKI), Deutsche Telekom AG, Forschungsinstitut für Rationalisierung (FIR) e. V. an der RWTH Aachen, Grimme Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG