The topic of the 3DInMed project was the development of innovative key technologies for the acquisition, processing and transmission of stereoscopic data as well as their autostereoscopic visualisation.

Automated Stereo Production - ASP

Within the framework of ASP, the prototype of a small, robust, low-cost and largely automated 3D recording system was to be developed.


In the AVP³ joint project, virtual prototypes of products and production processes were expanded to include the acoustic dimension. On this basis, the auditory impression was to be checked and optimised as early as possible in order to reduce or even eliminate undesirable sound events.


The Next Big Thing in Embodied Intelligence


The aim of the project was to massively accelerate the speed of the digital capture of cultural assets in 3D.

DEMAND – Data Economics and Management of Data-Driven Business

Companies face several challenges in the development of data-driven business processes for which there are currently no practice-oriented solutions. The DEMAND project therefore develops concrete solutions for practice-oriented architectures, process models and tools.


Digitally calibrated measurement systems play an important role for trust in digital processes and wireless communication and sensor networks.

Smarter Privacy

The SmarterPrivacy project developed technologies for the legally compliant integration of electromobility into the future energy system.


Automatic situation detection to increase the civil safety of people in hazardous situations