3DInMed - 3D technologies in industrial and medical applications

Stereoscopic 3D image representations in medicine and industrial manufacturing are becoming increasingly important. The aim of the 3DInMed joint project was therefore to develop innovative key technologies for the acquisition, processing and transmission of stereoscopic data and for autostereoscopic visualisation. These were tested exemplarily on the basis of several medical (endoscopy, surgical microscopy) and industrial (inspection, measurement) applications.

The four main objectives of the project were:

Development of new, robust methods for depth estimation and object recognition;
Development and construction of high-rate and low-latency transmission paths for 3D signals;
Development of real-time capable methods for generating endoscopic 3D panoramas using texture and depth information from stereoendoscopic views;
Development of methods for spatial measurement of 3D microscopy/endoscopy images and augmented reality applications based on them.
The technologies developed in the project should be applicable to a much wider range of applications than tested in the project. Potential users were seen in the partner network of the 3IT (Center for Innovations in Immersive Imaging Technologies) and in the professional societies in which the project partners are active.

Collaborative partners: FhG HHI and IIS (consortium leader), Arri GmbH, C.R.S. iiMotion GmbH, Schölly Fiberoptic GmbH, SeeFront GmbH, Solectrix GmbH.

Project duration: 2015 - 2017

Project budget: approx. 3.6 million euros

Funding share: approx. 2.2 million euros