DEMAND – Data Economics and Management of Data-Driven Business

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During the development of data-driven business processes, companies are confronted with a number of challenges for which there are currently no usable solutions and support by information systems that are oriented towards practical requirements. The reason for this is that data must be generated and processed in greater quantity and diversity ("heterogeneity"). The digital transformation, as a process of changing business models and markets, is an industry- and size-neutral driver that companies have to face up to on the tactical, but above all on the strategic level.

The DEMAND project develops concrete solutions for architectures, process models and tools that can be used in practice. Based on the Industrial Data Space reference architecture and in cooperation with the companies in concrete use cases (e.g. predictive maintenance, autonomous driving or other IoT scenarios), blueprints for a necessary data governance and information architecture will be developed in order to create a basic structure of a data management adapted to the new challenges.

A core aspect of this data management approach is the ability to evaluate data and view it as an asset. Building on this fundamental structure, DEMAND creates the appropriate procedural models and supporting tools from which companies can apply the appropriate activities and techniques to develop data-driven business models. The project thus creates a framework for the digitization of German companies and a structured approach to digital transformation.

Consortium partners:

  • Advaneo
  • Breuer Nachrichtentechnik
  • Fraunhofer ISST (consortium leader)
  • Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft
  • thyssenkrupp

Contact group coordinator:
Markus Spiekermann
Tel: +49 231 97677 424

Project duration: 01.04.2018 - 31.07.2020

Total volume: approx. 3.1 million euros

Funding volume: approx. 2.1 million euros