BIG - The Next Big Thing in Embodied Intelligence

The need for industrial digital ecosystems for businesses is an essential part of the Industry 4.0 initiative, and in addition to the digitization of production, the global market is also demanding the digitization of the product. Products and goods of daily life are becoming digital building blocks that, in addition to hardware-based benefits, provide significant added value through digital and AI-based services. In order to survive in this paradigm shift, the development of the strategic success positions of Germany as a production location must continue to be characterized by overriding issues such as adaptability, real-time, self-control and sustainability.

BIG is conducting a broad-based study on the current situation of German industry and its production in a national and international context. The aim is to identify the necessary fields of action for securing and strengthening the productivity of the entire German economy and to derive actions for digital change.

Network partners and planned division of labour:

  • Siemens AG: network coordinator, cloud and container technologies, communication networks, platform technologies, IoT technologies and AI
  • Fortiss GmbH: Research partner, architectures and services for critical infrastructures, requirements engineering, safety and security and industrial IoT

Contact group coordinator:
Dr. Cornel Klein
Phone: +49 173 7068912

Project duration: May 2020 - October 2021

Total volume: approx. 3.2 million euros

Funding volume: approx. 1.8 million euros