AVP³ - Acoustically enhanced virtualisation of products and production processes

The aim of the joint project AVP³ was to expand the 3-dimensional visual representation of products and production processes in the computer with acoustic elements in such a way that a complete audio-visual spatial impression is created that can be digitally processed.

The acoustically enhanced virtualisation should enable the earliest possible testing, evaluation and optimisation of the auditory impression on the basis of virtual prototypes. For this purpose, physically sound methods and innovative tools were to be developed for industry-relevant tasks. These should help to reduce or even eliminate unwanted sound events and to influence sound in a targeted manner. Together with the industrial partners, audio-visual virtualisation was to be tested in applications in mechanical and vehicle engineering. The plan was to derive and standardise universal acoustically enhanced object data formats as well as interfaces and exchange formats to CAD systems.

Collaborative partners: FhG IDMT (consortium leader), TU Hamburg-Harburg, Bosch Rexroth AG, 3DInteractive GmbH, Virtalis GmbH, TU Ilmenau, Novicos GmbH, Vibracoustic GmbH.

Project Website

Project duration: 2015 - 2017

Total volume: approx. 2.8 million euros

Funding volume: approx. 1.8 million euros