GreenTech Innovation Competition
Digital technologies as the key to the
ecological transformation of the economy

In the coalition agreement "Mehr Fortschritt wagen" (dare more progress) of 7 December 2021, the Federal Government set itself the goal of using digital technologies to transform the economy towards greater sustainability, more climate action and more environmental protection.

Digital technologies have the potential to cut emissions that damage the climate by up to 20 %. The "GreenTech Innovation Competition" call for proposals aims to leverage this potential in order to contribute to achieving the German and European climate and environmental targets within the meaning of the Agenda 2030. Building on this, the call for proposals aims to increase Germany's competitiveness for Green Technologies and Green Services and to strengthen German and European sovereignty.

Funding scope
The aim of the call for proposals is to develop, test and apply platforms, tools, methods, business models, use models or standards for the economic development and integration of digital technologies for sustainability. The projects in the call for proposals should provide decisive impetus for the ecological transformation of the economy, especially with regard to climate action and environmental protection.

With this call for proposals, the following topics are to be addressed more intensively:

  • Sustainability via digital technologies
  • Sustainability of digital technologies
  • Using digital technologies to measure sustainability

Outlines are to be submitted via PT-Outline. The deadline for submissions is 21 October 2022, 12:00 noon German time. Further information on how to apply can be found in the call for proposals and the funding programme.
Special note: This call for proposals is only for German based organisations. All the official documents especially idea and full application have to be provided in German. Foreign organisations can however participate in a consortium without funding of the German government.
Austrian partners apply at: 

Those interested in funding should form consortia for the application. When forming the consortium, the PT-Partnering portal can be used to find interested partners. In order to additionally support the formation of the consortia, a networking event will be held online (on 21 September 2022) in German. Those interested in networking should register in advance with the contact persons listed below. Attention: No further pitches can be admitted.

International participation
It is possible to include international partners in the project (e.g. via the international EUREKA R&D network). However, the international partners cannot be funded by the German side.


  • 21.10.22 - Deadline Idea Application
  • 13.1.23 - Deadline full application (invitation only)
  • 1.5.23 - Project launch