Innovation competition "Artificial Intelligence as a Driver for Economically Relevant Ecosystems" - Second call for funding dated 05.02.2020

Submission completed

Call for funding based on the funding framework "Development of Digital Technologies"

The Federal Government has set itself the goal of promoting the digital transformation of the economy. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is seen as a central building block for the success of future digital applications. With the Artificial Intelligence Strategy, the Federal Government is underlining its claim to make Germany and Europe a leading location for the development and application of AI technologies.

With this second call for funding for the Artificial Intelligence Innovation Competition, the following topics should be addressed more intensively:

  • Construction industry in connection with Building Information Modelling (BIM),
  • Sustainability in connection with quality management,
  • environment in connection with agriculture, and
  • Financial services in connection with data sovereignty.

In particular, concepts were sought that illustrate the need for GAIA-X as well as its technological and economic benefits. For example, GAIA-X approaches such as multi-cloud strategies, data pooling, data sharing or service provision were to be taken into account and possible potentials of cross-sector solutions based on GAIA-X were to be demonstrated.