Mobile connectivity for key industries

Call for proposals for a German-Japanese innovation project dated 22 February 2022 based on the funding framework "Development of Digital Technologies"

Automation and digitalisation will lead to an increase in the amount of data to be transmitted in production facilities. Advanced ("5G Advanced") technologies can form the basis for fast, secure and robust communication and be an essential key for the necessary wireless networking of manufacturing facilities. Germany and Japan are striving to strengthen productivity and resource efficiency in the industrial sector in both countries. The present call for funding makes a contribution to this.

The aim of the technology competition "Mobile Connectivity for Key Industries" is to develop and test innovative 5G communication technologies for applications in the manufacturing sector. Funding is to be provided for an innovation project with the potential to develop high charisma in the industry and to trigger imitation effects. In addition, the results of the project should contribute to the international standardisation of advanced 5G technologies. Within the framework of the project, application scenarios will be investigated that demonstrate the possibilities of "5G Advanced" in the context of networked companies in key industries. The funding also aims to establish close cooperation with Japanese companies and research institutions.