Funding program for campus networks based on 5G communication technologies and OpenRAN

Industries of the future must constantly improve their adaptability, flexibility and efficiency. Digital and automated workflows in and between companies are the basis for flexible processes. One enabling key is the wireless connection of production facilities, plants, logistics systems and other relevant economic sectors and organizations. In addition to the use of public 5G-based networks, the expansion and use of so-called campus networks is an effective and secure solution to enable networking for specific fields of application.

 The aim of this call is to promote innovative developments based on an extended OpenRAN approach for campus networks. This will advance important efforts for the interoperable expansion of 5G campus networks in Germany as a research and business hub. The lead project CampusOS will provide a technology toolbox with a catalog of components and blueprints for setting up and operating open campus networks.

 The present proposal call for Campus Networks on the Basis of 5G Communication Technologies funding program is intended to specifically address the following:

-      Development of new industry solutions using the CampusOS toolbox
-      Development of new industry solutions using new open components to expand the CampusOS toolbox
-      Testing of new open CampusOS components and tools
-      Testing of new blueprints and/or operating models by using the CampusOS toolbox

 Funding is provided for research, development and innovation projects that develop and test suitable components, solutions, services or applications based on the provided approach, as well as those that advance sector-specific further developments and implementations.

09.06.2021, 12:00h – Submission deadline
25.08.2021 – Expert meeting
28.08.2021 – Calls for proposals

Leading projects:           
From January 2022 - Project start
Until December 2024 – Project end

Funded projects: 
From April 2022 – Project start
Until March 2025 – Project end