Edge data economy

Call for funding dated February 10, 2022 is based on the funding framework "Development of digital technologies"

Edge computing enables data collection and processing, and thus the creation of value, close to the place where the data is generated. The development and testing of innovative data science technologies for edge computing applications is therefore the focus of this funding call. The aim is for projects to demonstrate the benefits and advantages of edge computing solutions, particularly in economic and ecological terms, in various application domains.

The aim of the funding call is to promote the development and testing of edge computing software and the balancing of edge and cloud data spaces as a basis for sovereign data exchange and use. The funded projects are intended to contribute to the transfer of state-of-the-art data science technology, especially to small and medium-sized enterprises. The results of the funded projects and the technology programme as a whole should form starting points for the creation of innovative, data-based solutions and business models and also provide a cross-sectoral impact through spill-over effects.

In particular, the projects should also take into account the potential of digitalisation for climate and environmental protection. Therefore, the projects funded under this technology programme should use sustainable data science technologies and develop sustainability-oriented business models. In addition, the focus should be on avoiding rebound effects.