Innovation Competition "Secure Digital Identities Showcase"

Submission completed

Call for funding based on the funding framework "Development of Digital Technologies"

In the modern world, digital identities are an essential prerequisite for a functioning economy. Almost all economic or administrative processes require the identification of a person or an object. Digital identities have thus become the gateway for modern digital administrative and economic processes.

The "Secure Digital Identities Showcase" aims to make German eIDAS solutions accessible that are equally user-friendly, trustworthy and economical: for administration, business - especially SMEs - and the population. None of the existing ID solutions has yet been able to reach the critical mass necessary for widespread use. This is to be achieved through showcases in which technology providers and municipalities work closely together. The implementation is to be practically tested in numerous use cases with everyday relevance. Citizens are to be involved in the development of the solutions.

With the innovation competition, the BMWK is making a direct contribution to digital sovereignty and data security on the internet. The measure aims to strengthen the confidence of citizens and companies in digitalisation. The targeted proposals should also be oriented towards the requirements and possibilities of small and medium-sized enterprises and enable them to deploy and use Secure Digital Identities.