Participation in EUREKA Clusters ∑! AI Call

In the context of the EUREKA Clusters ∑! AI Call, funding of one or two projects is planned. All information on this call, such as international framework conditions, content requirements or cooperation possibilities can be found on this link.

The maximum funding budget available for German project partners is up to €5 million.
Projects with three to five German partners can be funded. Further German partners may participate in subcontracting. Each partner must make a significant contribution to the project. Companies, research institutions and universities can be funded. The participation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is expressly desired. The project proposal must be driven by industry. A 2:1 ratio between business and research partners is considered the rule. Economic aspects of exploitation are mandatory. The results should create concrete starting points for economic exploitation. Potential application partners must be named.
Basic research is not funded. Used technologies must be available with at least TRL 4 (technology maturity level).
Project proposals should demonstrate the technological feasibility and the economic benefit for the participating industries. Priority will be given to project proposals that clearly benefit from international cooperation and for Germany as a business location.

This support is provided on the basis of the "Development of Digital Technologies" (in German only) funding framework, whose framework regulations apply. Funding is subject to the availability of the corresponding budget funds.

On 23 April, a webinar was held in which the funding opportunities for German funding applicants were presented. The presentations from this webinar can be viewed here.

By the submission deadline of 15 June 2020, 22 outlines with German participation had been received, two of which were selected for funding by the BMWK and two by the BMBF. The project is scheduled to start in early summer 2021.