The E-Energy programme, which was a joint initiative of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety made a vital contribution to speeding up the German energy reforms.


The IT2Green technology programme was launched to provide funding for innovative pilot projects which aim to develop comprehensive solutions that make the use of ICT in data processing centres, telecommunications networks, and office and home appliances more energy-efficient.


The Next General Media technology programme provided funding for 11 collaborative projects which explored new opportunities linked to electronic networking, and focused on ubiquitous computing and its use in specific fields of application.


The individual THESEUS projects explore a range of new services and service platforms for various fields of application both for home and private-sector use.

Individual Strategic Projects

Individual projects are aimed at driving outstanding new technologies and solutions from which one might anticipate long-term strategic impacts in the ICT sector. These varied projects adopt a forward-looking approach and are particularly significant for the German economy.