Decentralised energy marketplaces of tomorrow

The E-Energy programme served to develop new solutions for the Internet of Energy and to test these new approaches in real-life scenarios. This led to the development of new ICT products, processes and services which can help improve energy efficiency and security of supply, whilst also making a contribution to mitigating climate change. The “E-Energy” programme also demonstrated that there is potential for new markets and professions in an emerging field at the crossroads between the energy and ICT industries.

The E-Energy programme, which was a joint initiative of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety made a vital contribution to speeding up the German energy reforms.

The new E-Energy systems that were developed as part of the individual projects funded under this programme were thoroughly tested in real-life scenarios across 6 selected pilot regions. This led to the development of concepts for integrated ICT systems designed to improve every aspect of the overall power supply system and thus deliver the best possible solutions for generating, transporting, distribution and consumption of electricity.

The E-Energy programme

Number of projects:6
Number of project partners:56
Period of duration:2008-2013
Total funding:€60m