Networking our working and living environments

The Next General Media technology programme provided funding for 11 collaborative projects which explored new opportunities linked to electronic networking, and focused on ubiquitous computing and its use in specific fields of application.

Through its Next Generation Media programme, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology has made a major contribution to cutting-edge innovations in production and logistics, consumer electronics, and health care. Examples of new developments include complete traceability for parts in the automotive and textile industries using RFID tags, the use of self-powered sensor networks to wirelessly assess the condition of a machine, the world’s first approval-related study on remote health monitoring based on a new care model, the concept of a digital butler for the comprehensive management of home networks, and the first comprehensive model for machine lifecycle management.

The Next Generation Media programme

Number of projects:11
Number of project partners:70
Period of duration:2005 - 2011
Total funding:€37m