Building the next generation 5G-enabled operating theatre ecosystem to improve patient care

Project description
Within the framework of the "5G-OR" project, a German-French 5G-capable operating theatre ecosystem for hospitals to improve patient care will be created. Different 5G applications in the operating environment will be developed, which will be used interoperably in German and French institutions with 5G campus networks and validated in a realistic clinical environment. Among other things, the use of data-driven and AI-assisted surgery should lead to improved patient outcomes and patient safety. The overall goal is to demonstrate the added value of a private 5G ecosystem in the healthcare sector.

By networking medical devices, essential medical data such as vital signs and endoscopic images can be collected and processed quickly and in a structured manner. In a clinical control centre, the data can be interpreted with the help of AI algorithms and used for telemedical applications. Furthermore, in the networked hospital environment, robotic assistance systems represent a crucial element in supporting the specialist staff. Autonomously navigating driverless transport systems can provide required equipment and consumables as needed for operations and take over time-consuming or time-critical logistics. In the operating theatre, robotic assistants can take over relieving and supporting tasks, enabling doctors to carry out surgical procedures telemedical through appropriate networking of the systems.

Germany: Fraunhofer IPA (lead), Hochschule Reutlingen, SectorCon Ingenieurgesellschaft für System- und Softwaretechnik mbH, KARL STORZ SE & Co.KG, Charité Berlin
France: IHU Strasbourg(lead), b<>com, RDS (Rhythm Diagnostic Systems)

5G, open RAN, operating theatre, Medical, diagnostic, health economy

January 2022 – December 2024

Total funds: 2.7 m. EUR
Funding amount: 2.1 m. EUR