EUREKA projects

In addition to bilateral cooperation, the BMWK also offers funding opportunities in European and international programmes, especially through the European research initiative EUREKA. The BMWK primarily promotes cluster competition. EUREKA clusters are strategic, long-term, industry-driven initiatives with a thematic focus. Out of the six clusters, the BMWK currently provides support for CELTIC-NEXT cluster on information and communication technology (ICT) and for the joint EUREKA Clusters AI Calls.

Currently, various projects have emerged from the EUREKA Cluster CELTIC-NEXT and from the joint EUREKA Clusters AI Calls. With these projects, the BMWK has expanded international cooperation to Singapore, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Hungary, Portugal and Turkey.


6G for Connected Sky


Autonomous Integrated Scheduling for Semiconductor Industry


ArTificial inTelligENce for the deTectIon of trade-based mOney lauNdering!


Cognitive and Automated Network Operations for Present and Beyond