5G For Business Parks

Project description
While nationwide mobile networks of major operators primarily serve the mass market with their best effort broadband services, companies need customised 5G networks that can be seamlessly integrated into their existing communications infrastructure. Large companies have therefore started to build their own 5G campus networks using the designated spectrum.
Small and medium-sized enterprises, however, usually have neither the know-how nor the financial means to do so. On the other hand, their requirements for wireless communication networks are similar to those of large companies. They are thus in danger of falling behind technologically.

In order to diminish this digital divide, 5G For Business Parks (5G4BP) has set itself the goal of creating an Open RAN-based solution for small and medium-sized enterprises which are often located in business parks. The 5G campus network extends over the entire business park and is set up and operated by a specialised operator. In order to reach companies even further away from the business park, a directional radio link will be offered.

Specific goals of 5G4BP are

  • the development of a fully integrated Open RAN solution for 5G campus networks including edge data centres in business parks
  • the creation of a European ecosystem for such campus networks
  • the deployment and commissioning of a reference network in an industrial park in the department of Isère in France
  • the further deployment of this solution in business parks in France, Germany and other European countries

In order to achieve digital independence for Europe (digital sovereignty), the Franco-German 5G4BP project will make extensive use of either components developed in-house or components developed by the CampusOS and 5G-OPERA flagship projects, which are also funded by the BMWK.

Germany: highstreet technologies GmbH (lead), Xelera Technologies GmbH

5G, Open RAN, Business Parks, Industry 4.0, Manufacturing Industry, Retail (Industry 4.0, Digital Production)

January 2022 – December 2024

Total funds: 0.6 m. EUR
Funding amount: 0.3 m. EUR