Showcase programme “Secure Digital Identities”

The "Secure Digital Identities” showcases aim to strengthen digital sovereignty by developing German eIDAS solutions, which are equally user-friendly, trustworthy and cost-efficient. These solutions should be easier to access for administration, businesses - especially SMEs - and the population. The aim is to create application-oriented eID ecosystems that are characterised by openness, interoperability and simple, intuitive and barrier-free usage.

Smart Data Economy

The "Smart Data Economy" technology programme supports research and development projects, which develop and test novel intelligent solutions such as data products and systems, data services derived from them and data-based business models.

AI Innovation Competition

The AI Innovation Competition launched by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) aims to promote artificial intelligence in all important areas of the economy while focusing strongly on the needs and opportunities of Germany’s many small and medium-sized companies.


Find more information about PAiCE and the funded projects.

Smart Data

The realms of information available on the internet pose new challenges in terms of data-management and data-processing.

Forum Digital Technologies

Forum Digital Technologies is a networking platform and exhibition space for selected research projects and innovations in the field of digital technologies from Germany.

Smart Home

You can find information on the Smart Home Programme here

Autonomics for Industry 4.0

Autonomics for Industry 4.0. uses state-of-the-art ICT to reduce the amount of energy required in manufacturing processes, whilst also aiming to make these processes more environmentally friendly and efficient in terms of material wear.

ICT for electric mobility

Information and communication technologies (ICT) play an important role in electric mobility. They control all important functions in the electric vehicle and form the basis for its integration into future intelligent energy and transport systems.

Trusted Cloud

With Cloud Computing, companies can make use of current software versions, computing power and storage space directly via the internet. This enables SME to take advantage of technologies that so far were mostly used just by large companies.