Autonomics for Industry 4.0

Autonomics for Industry 4.0. uses state-of-the-art ICT to reduce the amount of energy required in manufacturing processes, whilst also aiming to make these processes more environmentally friendly and efficient in terms of material wear.

ICT for electric mobility

The ICT for electric mobility II programme focuses on the latest information and communication technology (ICT) as a crucial factor for the future success of electric mobility.

Smart Data

The realms of information available on the internet pose new challenges in terms of data-management and data-processing.

Smart Home

You can find information on the Smart Home Programme here

Smart Services Worlds

The introduction of technologies that are summed up as the “internet of things” (cyber-physical systems) is taking digitisation in industry to a whole new level.

Trusted Cloud

With Cloud Computing, companies can make use of current software versions, computing power and storage space directly via the internet. This enables SME to take advantage of technologies that so far were mostly used just by large companies.