Innovation competition based on the "Development of digital technologies" funding framework

In the modern world, digital identities are an essential requirement for a functioning economy. Almost all economic or administrative processes require the identification of a person or object. Digital identities have thus become the entry point to modern digital administrative and economic processes.

The "Secure Digital Identities” showcases aims to develop German eIDAS solutions, which are equally user-friendly, trustworthy and cost-efficient and to make these solutions easily accessible for administration, businesses - especially SMEs - and the population. In Germany, none of the existing eID solutions has so far been able to achieve the critical mass needed for a broad application. This is to be achieved through showcases in which technology providers and local authorities work closely together. The implementation is to be practically tested in numerous use cases with relevance to everyday life. Citizens are to be involved in the development of the solutions.

With this innovation competition, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) is directly contributing to Germany’s digital sovereignty and data security on the Internet. The measure aims to strengthen the confidence of citizens and companies in digital transformation. The envisaged proposals should also be aligned with the needs and opportunities of small and medium-sized enterprises and enable them to implement and use Secure Digital Identities.

The innovation competition is divided into two phases:

1. Competition phase
The aim of the competition phase is to develop convincing concept ideas for the implementation phase and to underpin them in terms of feasibility and practicability. Furthermore, they should identify obstacles and create the conditions for a fast and efficient realisation of the concept ideas in a subsequent implementation phase.
In the current competition phase, 11 selected consortia have the opportunity to develop detailed roadmaps for the implementation of their concept idea and for the formation of effective partnerships. All interested parties are invited to apply for participation in the ongoing projects. Projects with the most promising concepts will be given the opportunity to realise their ideas in the implementation phase.

2. Implementation phase
Selected projects of the competition phase will be invited to submit a formal application for funding of the implementation phase which will be starting in spring 2021. The aim is to fund a small number of large R&D platform projects with a duration of generally 36 months.