Big Data Production Optimisation in Smart Ecosystems

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Today's industrial production processes, such as in the automotive industry, are characterized by a high degree of labour division. Digital cooperation between individual companies takes place over decentralised data systems – so-called smart ecosystems. Dealing with the resulting enormous amounts of data poses great challenges to the industry again and again. Data arrives at different companies often superfluously and in varying formats or is analysed completely differently. Furthermore, companies have a vital interest in retaining control over their own data.

The project PRO-OPT tackles precisely these challenges. By developing a smart data platform that allows for both intelligent, integrated analysis and the visualisation of large amounts of decentralised distributed data during the production process while respecting local data sovereignty at the same time, different companies can avoid errors in production or the supply chain and significantly improve their procedures. PRO-OPT improves the production processes in the automotive industry, but the results can be transferred to other industries such as medical technology, e-energy, ambient assisted living or smart mobility.

Project partners:

• DSA Daten- und Systemtechnik GmbH (lead management)
• camLine GmbH
• German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence GmbH DFKI
• Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering IESE

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