Individual Strategic Projects

Individual projects are aimed at driving outstanding new technologies and solutions from which one might anticipate long-term strategic impacts in the ICT sector. These varied projects adopt a forward-looking approach and are particularly significant for the German economy.

Suitable ideas can be submitted to the Project Management Agency and given limited funding. A committee comprising representatives of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, the Project Management Agency and independent external experts assesses the proposals and decides whether they merit funding.


The CultLab3D project aims to revolutionise the speed at which cultural assets can be digitally recorded in 3D.


The aim of the joint project motionEAP is the user-oriented design, prototype implementation and evaluation of an innovative process-oriented assistance system for production processes.

Smarter Privacy

The “Smarter Privacy” project aims to develop an ICT-based platform to support legally compliant information processing on the Smart Grid using a system to technically determine legal consequences for distribution network operators.