The aim of the joint project motionEAP is the user-oriented design, prototype implementation and evaluation of an innovative assistance system for production processes. In a user-oriented, agile development process, the requirements of industrial companies are meshed with the requirements of older users and users with disabilities. The new assistance system goes significantly beyond the current state of the art in three aspects:

  1. Integration of sensor-supported motion detection for real-time feedback;
  2. In-situ projection and accessible information design;
  3. Integration of motivating elements.

In addition, the project examines ethical and philosophical questions in the context of assisted working, discussing both fundamental issues arising from the project (e.g. altered value systems) and specific ethical issues in the context of the project (e.g. conducting experiments appropriately). The project is designed to contribute to integrating employees with disabilities into the world of work by means of the assistance system; the newly developed assembly stands with instruction and assistance functions will potentially enable tasks with higher value creation to be successfully performed by people with disabilities.

Project consortium:

  • Audi AG (consortium coordinator)
  • Bessey Tool Gmbh & Co KG
  • Gemeinnützige Werkstätten und Wohnstätten GmbH
  • Esslingen University of Applied Sciences
  • Stuttgart University
  • Schnaithmann Maschinenbau GmbH
  • Korion Simulation & Assistive Technology GmbH

Project duration:    2013–2015

Total volume:         approx. 3m euros

Funding volume:    approx. 2.1m euros