EuProGiant Open House Day on October 10 & 11 - Register for Free Now!
Venue: Forum Digital Technologies, Salzufer 15/16, 10587 Berlin, Germany.


Explore groundbreaking Data Space projects in manufacturing on October 10 & 11 in Berlin at the EuProGiant Open House Day. Network, share ideas, and shape the future – secure your spot today!

Berlin will host two exceptional days at the forefront of Data Space projects in manufacturing. On October 10th and 11th, the EuProGiant Open House Day will take place at the Forum Digital Technologies, uniting partners, sponsors, and board members of five innovative research projects spanning across Europe. The presence of influential figures from both the political and industrial sectors underscores the significance of the German-Austrian flagship initiative, EuProGigant, which is proudly backed by BMWK.

The EuProGigant Open House Day offers a glimpse into pioneering Data Space projects within the manufacturing sector. These projects, which include AMIDS, DIONE-X, ESCOM, EuProGigant, and Flex4Res, have garnered substantial support from industry and research collaborators, evolving into a pioneering ecosystem. They are dedicated to specific objectives such as fortifying supply chain resilience, promoting secure cross-site data sharing, and fostering connections with innovation partners. Together, they illustrate the potential of data-driven business models and contribute to the resurgence of manufacturing companies within Europe.

The event presents the opportunity to network with the partners involved in these five projects and to delve into the world of manufacturing data rooms. Additionally, you can gain deeper insights into these innovative data room projects through keynotes and panels, offering valuable perspectives on other projects and developments. Last but not least, the event serves as an ideal platform for networking, exchanging ideas, and exploring new business prospects.

Registration remains open until October 4th.

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