Selection Criteria

Based on project outlines, an independent jury, or expert assessors, recommend the most promising projects (in the case both of competitions and individual projects) for funding. The criteria for selecting projects are:


  • The innovative content and originality of the idea
  • Scientific quality
  • The innovation is comprehensively worked out


  • Clarity of the R&D approach/quality of the work plan
  • Specific process and value added chains are identified
  • Market and application potential
  • (International) technological standards, required security standards and legal parameters have been considered
  • Reasonable ratio of time, effort and risks to the intended use


  • Consortium is complete
  • The potential and expertise of the research, implementation and application partners
  • The self-financed portion is secur(creditworthiness)
  • Existing preparatory work

Market and application potential

  • Quality of the exploitation strategy
  • Importance of market segment and target group, particularly applicability for SMEs in terms of the price, complexity and usability of the systems and techniques developed
  • Scope of impact (best practice or multiplier effects including via sample business models)