ARIBIC: Artificial Intelligence based Indoor Carthography

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The German-Canadian ARIBIC consortium aims to develop AI-based algorithms that enrich a 3D geometric map with additional semantic information.

The consortium aims to develop an AI-based open platform for the localization of autonomous transport vehicles in warehouse applications. This will enable digital applications and services that enable safe driving in these environments. In addition, typical fleet and warehouse management software systems can be linked to the platform to provide relevant data on the vehicles to perform picking tasks or specific deliveries.

The algorithms developed in the project for the real-time automatic generation and continuous updating of a highly accurate and detailed 3D indoor map provide the basis for safe movement of transport robots and thus for effective tracking and tracing of these vehicles in real time. The necessary data and information are provided by autonomous mobile robots or automated vehicles and stored in the cloud. The result can be considered a living digital twin of the warehouse. The fully automated creation of 3D maps for indoor spaces also offers potential for use in various areas such as smart living, autonomous driving, intelligent construction or smart production.

Project partners:
• STILL GmbH (Project leader, Germany)
• Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) (Germany)
• LeddarTech (Canada)
• University of Toronto-STARS Laboratory (Canada)

Project coordinator:

Project duration: Mar. 2021 - Nov. 2023

Total costs: 1.1 million euros

Total funding: 0.7 million euros

Contact person


Dr.-Ing. Dennis Schüthe

T +49 40 7339 2786
homepage: ARIBIC Projekt