5G campus networks - highlights of the BMWK technology programmes at Hannover Messe 2024

The BMWK-funded projects of the 5G Campus Networks technology programme and the corresponding Franco-German cooperation programme will demonstrate how the planning, implementation and operation of 5G campus networks in industry can be efficiently achieved at the Hannover Messe in the 5G Arena (Hall 15, Stand H13) from 22 to 26 April 2024. The lead projects CampusOS and 5G-OPERA, together with other so-called satellite projects, demonstrate concrete applications of 5G campus networks for industry, logistics, construction sites and clinics.

Visual CampusOS
Visual CampusOS
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Visual CampusOS

5G mobile communications technologies open up pioneering opportunities for companies to independently operate customised mobile networks - so-called campus networks. They enable the design of specialised communication solutions with high performance, according to individual requirements while maintaining their own data sovereignty. The aim of the "5G Campus Networks" technology programme funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection (BMWK) and the corresponding Franco-German technology programme "5G Campus Networks (DE-FR)" is to open up application domains for 5G campus networks, support an ecosystem for the efficient development of specific campus network solutions and thus strengthen the German and European equipment market. At the centre of this is the CampusOS flagship project, with which an ecosystem for modular and open 5G campus networks is being developed. It is based on open radio technologies (OpenRAN) and interoperable network components. The project results enable manufacturer independence, more competition and innovation in order to strengthen the digital sovereignty of companies in Germany and Europe.Together with partners from industry and research, CampusOS is developing suitable reference architectures and technologies for industry, investigating various operator models and testing the interoperability and performance of the solutions in reference test fields. This results in prototypes of 5G campus network solutions for vertical industry.

Get in touch with the experts for private 5G networks and learn about the industrial communication of the future at first hand. A series of panels and lecture events will also offer you the opportunity to do so. Get your free eTicket for HM 2024 now!

In a nutshell - what you can expect at the "5G Campus Networks" stand (more detailed information here)

The six innovative projects CampusOS, 5G-OPERA, TICCTEC, CampusDynA, KliNet5G and 5G++FlexiCell from the funding programmes will be presenting their highlights:

Find out about the technologies and possible applications of the 5G campus networks

  • Architecture & blueprints: Find out about the benefits and experiences of customised open and modular campus networks
  • Building block catalogue: Find suitable approaches for hardware and software components for a campus network in your company
  • Operator models: Find out how you can plan, set up and operate (or have operated) a 5G campus network
  • Reference test fields: Find out how the Fraunhofer Institutes HHI and FOKUS ensure the performance of 5G campus networks
  • Time synchronisation: Find out about the possibilities of TSN-based networks
  • Open source solutions: Learn how standard servers and the 5G open source stack are used to develop cost-efficient and modular 5G networks
  • Partnerships: Contact CampusOS if you want to be part of a growing, forward-looking ecosystem that enables faster innovation cycles and strengthens your digital sovereignty

You can experience the following application scenarios for 5G campus networks directly at the stand:

  • Industry 4.0, intralogistics: Low-latency and fail-safe vehicle control, high-volume data transmission of imaging processes such as videos and LIDAR data (STILL, Hamburg).
  • Industry 4.0, management: Dynamic control of 5G mobile network parameters and prioritisation of user devices
  • Industry 4.0, production: Factory automation in SMEs, showing a mobile 5G network whose components (incl. core network) are modularly integrated in a device
  • Networked mobility: Safe teleoperated driving in spatially restricted areas such as factory premises, production facilities and car parks (BOSCH, Hildesheim).
  • Intralogistics: Communication in demanding environments such as high-bay warehouses (DEMATIC, Heusenstamm)
  • Construction industry: Safety monitoring, monitoring and control of construction machinery via a nomadic 5G network (TOPCON, Herne)
  • Networked hospital: Possibilities of a 5G-based, low-cable network infrastructure in hospitals

Talks and panels on the 5G campus networks:

In addition to visiting our booth, our project partners invite you to get in touch through the following talks and panel discussions:
Monday, 22 April 2024, 12:00 - 12:40 pm:
5G campus networks in the economy: With open solutions into the communication of the future
Panel discussion with Prof Dr Erich Zielinski, Fraunhofer HHI

Monday, 22 April 2024. 14:25 - 14:55:
Industry-specific drivers of open 5G campus networks
Panel discussion with Prof Dr Thomas Magedanz, Fraunhofer FOKUS

Tuesday, 23 April 2024, 12:00 - 12:20 p.m.
5G in test setups - networking of AGVs in production
Presentation: Dipl.-Wi.-Ing. Thomas Höschele, Managing Director, CampusGenius GmbH & Eike Lyczkowski, Senior Research Engineer, SEW-EURODRIVE GmbH & Co KG

Tuesday, 23 April 2024, 17:30 - 17:50 hrs
Automation needs 5G - and 5G needs automation
Presentation: Dr Bernd Schröder (brown-Iposs)

Wednesday, 24 April 2024, 14:45 - 15:30:
The role of 6G in shaping the next industrial era
Panel discussion with Prof Dr Slawomir Stanczak, Fraunhofer HHI

Thursday, 25.04.2024, 16:10 - 16:35 hrs
Talk: 5G campus networks in the economy: With open solutions into the communication of the future
Prof. Dr Slawomir Stanczak, Fraunhofer HHI & Dr Oscar Dario Ramos Cantor - Corporate Research, Robert Bosch GmbH; Stand of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (Hall 2, Stand A18)

Friday, 26 April, 13:50 - 14:10
O-RAN service management and orchestration in private 5G campus networks
Alfons Mittermaier, Managing Director, highstreet technologies GmbH

Friday, 26 April 2024, 14:15 - 14:35 hrs
Digital twins for open and modular 5G campus networks
Presentation: Dr Dario Götz, Developer/Consultant, atesio GmbH

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