ATTENTION! project sets the foundations for a strong AI solution

The German-Singaporean project ATTENTION! seeks to develop and apply artificial intelligence models to detect and uncover illicit trade activities and their patterns in global, heterogeneous data.

ATTENTION! consortium meeting in Bonn, 22-24. November 2022

The recently launched ATTENTION! project has already developed the requirement specifications for the AI-based software solutions to be developed (in the form of prototypes / MVP). The project has detailed the following user roles and use cases for such a solution:
o Brand Protection units
o Purchasing units
o Export Control units
o Compliance units
o Law firms specializing in Intellectual Property and/or Import/Export
o Consulting firms specializing in Trade, Import/Export and Supply Chain Management
For those user roles the ATTENTION! team specified concrete functions, that the solutions will have to offer as well as their operationalization. Specifically, the trigger conditions (“Red Flags” and “Yellow Flags”) the AI will have to identify were systematized.

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