QuaST: Milestone Meeting in Garching

NephroCAGE: German-Canadian Symposium August 16 2022

© Jeanette Lorenz
QuaST: Meilensteintreffen in Garching

The NephroCAGE project intends to demonstrate the added value of artificial intelligence (AI) in the concrete clinical example of kidney transplantation. The consortium partners are creating a learning AI system to match organ donors and recipients even more precisely in advance (matching) and thus prevent risks in kidney transplants.

On Tue, Aug 16, 2022, the consortium welcomes you to the 2nd International NephroCAGE Symposium. This year's program will focus on insights of nephrologists and clinical experts on making use of clinical prediction models (CPMs) for kidney transplantation, how the NephroCAGE federated learning infrastructure builds the secure foundation for developing data-intensive CPMs, and how an improved matching helps to reduce post-transplant risks.

The symposium will start Tue Aug 16, 2022 at 06.15am (Vancouver online) / 09.15am (Montréal limited on-site access possible) / 03.15pm (Berlin online).

Free Registration (here) is required to receive dial-in instructions. A detailed Agenda and the latest updates can be found at the event website.