Smart and sovereign use of data for sustainable production

The deadline for submissions has passed. Further information will follow in spring 2022 at the start of the selected lighthouse project.

The following focal points are to be addressed in this lead project:

  • Identification, extraction and organisation of production-relevant data
  • Increasing flexibility and efficiency in production by processing production-relevant data
  • Ensuring security and availability for production-relevant data
  • Sustainability, environment and climate goals.

In particular, there should also be the opportunity to develop concepts that illustrate the need for and the technological and economic benefits of the GAIA-X open platform (

Both sides intend to fund this project with a maximum of €2.735 million each for a period of up to 48 months, subject to the availability of the corresponding budget funds.

Funding for this international cooperation project is based on the funding framework "Development of Digital Technologies", whose framework regulations apply. Funding is provided for a Strategic Project in the special form "International Cooperation Projects" with usually three to five partners in accordance with No. 7.2 of the funding framework. In deviation from the funding framework, the project duration may be up to 48 months.

Both sides have written a joint bilateral project description and submitted it to their countries by the deadline. This description of the lead project is based on the template for bilateral project descriptions (see further information).

The BILATERAL DESCRIPTION GUIDE provides information on the exact procedure.

For Austrian applicants, the FFG provides information here.

In contrast to the funding framework "Development of Digital Technologies", a single-stage application procedure is used here. The following steps are to be followed:

Obligatory presentation of the project idea by 02 September 2021

The obligatory presentation of the project idea for the German sub-consortium takes place by means of a short written description (see template for "two-pager") as well as a short presentation - by telephone - to the DLR-PT. The submission of the short description and an appointment are requested by 19 August 2021 at the latest by e-mail to

In addition, an online application consultation is offered. It is strongly recommended that you take advantage of this consultation. Details will be clarified during the presentation of the project idea.

Project ideas that have not been presented by the above-mentioned deadline will not be considered for evaluation!

Submission of applications via the online funding portal easy-online until 06 October 2021 12:00 hrs.

Each partner from the German sub-consortium must submit a complete proposal via the online funding portal easy-online. This includes a sub-project description (see below) and applications for allocation on an expenditure or cost basis (AZA/AZK). Detailed information on the necessary documents is provided during the application consultation.

The bilateral project description corresponds to the overall project description and is submitted in the same form in Germany and Austria.

The link to the online funding portal easy-online will be announced when the project idea is presented.


  • Kick-off event took place as a web conference on 14 July 2021.
    The presentations from this event can be found here:
  • Until 19 August 2021 - Submission of the short description and appointment for the obligatory presentation.
  • 02 September 2021 - Compulsory presentation of the project idea
  • 06 October 2021, 12:00h - Deadline for the international consortium to submit to the FFG and DLR-PT
  • 16 November 2021 - Review meeting with hearing of the project proposals (probably as a virtual event).
  • 24 November 2021 - Announcement of the project proposal selected for funding.
  • From 01 April 2022 - Planned start of project
  • An interim evaluation of the lead project is planned after the end of the first half of the project term.

Contact person

DLR Projektträger

Dr. Sabine Hemmerling

Tel. +49 30 67055-736

homepage: DLR Projektträger