Franco-German innovation projects for artificial intelligence

Funding call of 3.2.2021 based on the funding framework "Development of Digital Technologies

Submission completed. Further information will follow at the start of the project in March 2022.

France and Germany will strengthen their cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), as agreed in the Treaty of Aachen. Both countries offer leading research in the field of AI and have laid essential foundations through their national AI strategies. Building on this, the Franco-German AI innovation projects will help strengthen the joint research and innovation network and expand the common AI ecosystem.

New challenges and opportunities for AI solutions arise from the health and economic crisis the world is currently facing due to the Corona pandemic. AI solutions can drive the development of new products and services that can, for example, modernise healthcare, secure logistics chains or transform production systems. The goal is to develop new AI solutions to make our world more resilient to crises. Projects on the use of artificial intelligence technologies for risk prevention, crisis management and resilience are supported.

The selected application areas of health, economy and sustainability are some of the areas most affected by the current situation and are therefore of great economic and political importance. However, the results of the projects could also be relevant to crises of any kind.

Cross-cutting issues can also be addressed, such as data sharing, the creation of synergies based on infrastructures like GAIA-X, or specific AI research fields.

Contacts in Germany:
For scientific questions:
Dr. Regine Gernert
DLR Project Management Agency
Tel. +49 30 67055-764

For organisational questions:
Peggi Kopbauer
DLR Project Management Agency
Tel. +49 30 67055-721

Contact in France:
Antoine ROUX
Tel. +33 785 810229