SmartLivingNEXT – Artificial intelligence for sustainable living and home environments

Call for proposals based on the "Development of Digital Technologies" funding programme

The deadline for submissions was 6 March 2023 at 12:00.

Key points of the programme

  • The aim of the "SmartLivingNEXT" funding call is to create and establish a universal, AI-based ecosystem that puts the development of intelligent and sustainability-oriented Smart Living services and applications on a new footing, simplifies it, accelerates it and makes it cost-effective. As far as possible, all relevant fields of application are to be addressed in order to illustrate the universality of the ecosystem. This should find broad acceptance in Germany and also in Europe.
  • As a basis for the envisaged developments and solutions, the results already available from projects funded by the BMWK and, if necessary, other projects are to be used. The focus is on the „ForeSight“ platform, which is to be further developed within the framework of this technology programme in the form of the lead project "ForeSightNEXT - Platform for Data, Artificial Intelligence and Services in the Smart Living Ecosystem".
  • The object of the funding a research and development projects - so-called satellite projects - which relate to concrete, practical Smart Living applications and are based on the structural elements of the lead project in order to increase efficiency. The task of the lead project is in particular the overall coordination within the programme.
  • In addition, basic GAIA-X concepts for trustworthy data sharing are to be taken into account.

Contact persons
for substantive questions:
Ms Birgit Bott
Tel.: +49 228 3821-1479

for funding management:
Mr Alexander Lejer
Tel.: +49 228 3821-2554