EuProGigant takes part at “GXFS Connect 2022”

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The conference "GXFS Connect 2022 - From Idea to Innovation with Gaia-X" will take place on 7. and 8. September. During the two-day event, the Gaia-X community will discuss why the Gaia-X Federation Services (GXFS) are the key to achieving the Gaia-X goals.

EuProGigant will be one of the participating Gaia-X lighthouse projects. Markus Weber (project coordinator EuProGi-gant DE) and Kai Meinke (Co-Founder and Business Lead deltaDAO AG) will share valuable insights and lessons learned about the project itself and the implementation of GXFS.

In exchange with the Gaia-X DE-HUB domains, participants will also learn about user requirements and how use cases, e.g. in the areas of Industry 4.0, mobility or health, are implemented.

Further information on how to participate in the event and how to register can be found here.