Boosting renovation industry with AI

Project description
In order to mitigate the effects of climate change, buildings are being renovated on a large scale, mainly to reduce energy demand with improved insulation and new heating concepts. Until now, the planning of such renovation projects has been based primarily on human assessment and experience as well as unstructured data. The German-French cooperation project RenovAIte is creating for the first time an AI-based system for intelligent planning of renovation projects for houses and streets. Particular attention is being paid to the resilience, i.e. the ability to be affected by unforeseen disruptions, of the construction projects. The system is intended to enable decision-makers to plan renovation projects in such a way that delays in construction projects and early renewed renovations due to changing environ-mental conditions can be avoided.

For this purpose, a simulation environment for planning and simulating renovation projects will be created on the basis of historical and current data. With the help of the AI methodology "Adversarial Resilience Learning", various configurations will be examined, taking into account critical factors such as environmental influences or supply bottlenecks, in order to optimise the plans.
The project thus addresses a research and development gap in the digitalisation of the economy and makes an important contribution to achieving climate protection goals.

France: Leonard (lead), Action Logément, ALEIA
Germany: OFFIS e. V. - Institute for Information Technology (lead), VIA IMC GmbH

March 2022 - February 2025

Budget (Germany)
Total costs: € 2.0 million
Funding: € 1.2 million

Contact person

OFFIS e. V. - Institute of Computer Science, R&D Division

Dr.-Ing Eric Veith