AIOLOS - Artificial Intelligence Tools for Outbreak Detection and Response

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Project description
Given the major impact of an epidemic or pandemic on all aspects of society, as demonstrated by COVID-19, there is a strong interest in more clearly identifying and managing potential future pandemics in terms of supplies, forecasting, personnel management and/or possible closures. The Franco-German collaborative project AIOLOS (Artificial Intelligence Tools for Outbreak Detection and Response) aims to develop a web-based multidimensional data platform that will allow early detection of new outbreaks of respiratory infectious diseases (ALERT), tracking their spread and consequences (MONITOR), and simulating the impact and effectiveness of different interventions and measures to support decision-making at the scientific and policy levels (PREDICT).

The development of the necessary tools is done in three main steps:

1) Data integration from a variety of sources, either publicly available or provided by the different partners of the consortium,

2) Data analysis using AI and modeling to identify signals and predict future trends or expected impacts of actions, and

3) Dashboarding to visualize end results that can be easily interpreted by decision makers.

The intended outcome of AIOLOS is a prototype that includes a decision-making dashboard, the underlying AI and predictive modeling engine, and the associated data feed infrastructure. In the interest of sustainability, flexibility, and privacy compliance, this solution will include a federated network of data providers that relies on application programming interfaces (APIs).

The development of new digital solutions for pandemic detection and control will support cross-national decision-making at the political but also at the economic level, e.g. with regard to the maintenance of supply chains or the preservation of productivity with simultaneous optimal health protection of the workforce. The AIOLOS project thus contributes to the safeguarding and expansion of competitiveness at the macro- and micro-economic level and the preservation of locations and employment.

Germany: Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e. V. (lead) - Fraunhofer ITMP and Fraunhofer SCAI, Umlaut Consulting GmbH, CompuGroup Medical Deutschland AG
France: Sanofi Pasteur (lead), Quinten Health

March 2022 – February 2025

Budget (Germany)
Total costs: € 4.1 million
Funding: € 3.2 million

Contact person

Fraunhofer-Institut für Translationale Medizin und Pharmakologie

PD Dr. Aimo Kannt

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