DROPS - Data Standards for Resource-Optimized Production and Service Processes in Buildings and quarters

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Both the construction and the use of buildings and neighbourhoods contribute significantly to the consumption of resources and the generation of waste. The required use of resources and the functionality of a building depend significantly on two components: the continuity of data information and the communication capability of the active components. This applies not only to the planning and manufacturing process, but also to the operation of the buildings.

Therefore, a generally applicable IoT data standard is being developed in the DROPS project. This is intended to simplify the interfaces between the respective components in the building and ensure the continuity and consistency of the data streams throughout the entire life cycle of the buildings. A particular focus here is on the recyclability of the materials used. The data required for this are integrated into the standards - so-called "Data of Material (DoM)".

In addition to the development of an open, combined Data of Material and Internet of Things standard, the project will document, describe and delimit all defined attributes for a standardised implementation (interface definition). The documented attributes will then be made available in a cloud-based database.

With this simplified use of IoT technology from the planning to the operation of buildings, the construction and real estate industry will meet the demand for ecological sustainability and at the same time remain competitive with regard to technological innovations.

Project partners:

  • Drees & Sommer GmbH
  • Hafencity Universität
  • REOS GmbH

Project coordinator:
Drees & Sommer GmbH

Project duration: January 2021 - December 2023

Total cost: 2.0 million euros

Total funding: 1.1 million euros 

Contact person

Drees & Sommer GmbH

Prof. Phillip Goltermann

homepage: DROPS Projekt