Strategic stand-alone project SMART presents its results

SMART project develops a set of tools that supports companies from a wide range of application areas and domains in systematically making the transition to smart service providers by identifying their advantageous positioning in the smart service world and showing ways of realising this positioning. It is based on the development of a maturity index for the transformation to a smart service provider.

After many manufacturing companies have driven their digital transformation towards Industry 4.0, some are now facing the opportunity to position themselves as smart service providers. Today, networked devices provide a wealth of data from which adaptable, data-driven business models can be derived. It is now up to companies to transform their portfolio and organisation to be able to offer attractive smart services to customers.

To master this challenge, production-oriented companies are dependent on support. Against this background, SMART project is developing a set of tools that holistically supports companies in their transformation to smart service providers.
At the embedded world Conference in Nuremberg on 15 March 2023, the consortium will use the stage in its own SMART session to highlight the smart service transformation of companies from different perspectives and to present the Smart Service Maturity Index as a supporting maturity model to a wider public for the first time.