Quantum Computing: Expert Group on Quantum Software Engineering initiated

The program support of the funding program "Quantum Computing - Applications for Industry" hosted the kick-off of a cross-project expert group on Quantum Software Engineering. In an open exchange, experts from the funded projects discussed possibilities for further cooperation.

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Quanten-Computing: Kick-off der Fachgruppe Quantum Software Engineering

The goal of the funding program "Quantum Computing - Applications for Industry" is the development of platforms, tools and methods for the economic exploitation of quantum computing. Nine funding projects are working on facilitating the use of commercially available quantum computers for real-world applications, in particular for small and medium-sized enterprises. Quantum software engineering represents an important cross-cutting topic for this endeavor, with the aim of developing reliably powerful and trustworthy application software for quantum computers. Experiences from "classical" software engineering have to be adapted and further developed for quantum computers to mature this still young research field.

At the online kick-off of the expert group on October 13, more than 40 participants from all projects came together at the invitation of the program support to exchange information about the planned work on the topic. An overview of the various developments in the projects emerged, which quickly revealed overlaps and points of contact. The participants also discussed initial ideas for possible joint work, which will now be developed in further meetings. All participants showed great interest in further discussions.