Kick-off of the ATTENTION! project

On 11 and 12 July, the kick-off meeting of the ATTENTION! project took place at the L3S research centre in Hannover.

ATTENTION!: Kick-off

Within the framework of ATTENTION! (ArTificial inTelligENce for the deTectIon of trade-based mOney lauNdering!) project, artificial intelligence models are to be developed and used based on diverse global data sources, including trade, company and web data, to recognise and detect illegal trade activities and their patterns in global, heterogeneous data.

On the first day of the kick-off meeting, all members of the project consortium - consisting of L3S, Hase & Igel, Schaeffler, University of Bonn as well as RisikoTek from Singapore - met in person for the first time and used the opportunity to specifically plan the first steps in the new project. On the following day, the project plans were presented to Mr. Christoph Pflock from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection and Mr. Dennis Lee from En-terprise Singapore, among others, and discussed in the following discussion.

The ATTENTION! project consortium is looking forward to the future cooperation and is eager to achieve the first results soon!