German-Austrian project D-TRAS represented with article and presentation at PACIS-2022

The annual Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS) is one of the leading conferences on information systems and the only conference of the Association for Information Systems (AIS) that focuses on the Pacific Asia region. The theme of PACIS 2022 was Artificial Intelligence and Information Systems. The D-TRAS project was represented with a presentation and an article.

Understanding users’ interactions with and acceptance of information systems is a common research goal. However, in the case of the Internet of Things (IoT), user perceptions of connected objects may be difficult to measure using online experiments and surveys. In this regard, the relevant objects and devices can be presented to users in an immersive and cost-effective way by leveraging virtual reality (VR) simulations. In their article and talk, D-TRAS presented a research concept that introduces VR as a possible tool for researching privacy aspects of connected vehicles.