Gaia-X Impulse Event

"Stay up to date", this was the take-home message of the Gaia-X Impulse Event of the DLR Projektträger's program support to the 45 participants from a total of 13 strategic and international cooperation projects

The two-hour Gaia-X Impulse Event on April 27, 2022, invited the consortium partners of the international and strategic projects to learn and exchange information about the possibilities and status of Gaia-X. Because even though Gaia-X envisions grand visions of sovereign data exchange, many potential users are not sufficiently informed about the opportunities. In order to lower this barrier to entry, the program support of the DLR Projektträger had invited various guests under the three keywords Inform - Exchange - Network.

At the beginning Andreas Weiss and Emma Wehrwein, eco Bundesverband, gave an insight into the current status and possibilities of the Gaia-X Federation Services.

Afterwards, two representatives from funded projects presented impulses from practical implementation. Markus Weber from TU Darmstadt presented the EuProGigant project and underlined the importance of data-based business models. Prof. Klemens Budde from Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin presented the Gaia-X domain Health including some of the most important use cases and also gave a short insight into the international cooperation project NephroCAGE.

The following discussion about experiences and expectations of the projects ended in the appeal to stay informed about the current status of Gaia-X and to pass on own requirements for Gaia-X to the Gaia-X community.

Dr. Inessa Seifert from VDI/VDE IT then introduced the Gaia-X contact group before Peter Kraemer, acatech, closed the event with a presentation on the German Gaia-X Hub.