Bilateral cooperation with Austria

between the German BMWi and the Austrian BMK

For about two years, there has been cooperation between the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) with its funding framework "Development of Digital Technologies" and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) and its programme "ICT of the Future". There are joint projects by German-Austrian consortia in four funding priorities.

Both ministries have agreed on the common goal of intensifying cooperation between the research and development projects of the respective technology funding programmes. Austrian and German companies as well as research institutions can complement each other in their respective profiles and jointly create attractive solutions in the pre-competitive area, also in the direction of the digital European single market.

Smart Data Economy

In the area of data economy, there are good opportunities for the joint development of German-Austrian solutions. Both ministries have implemented cooperative project funding for this purpose. The funding calls "Smart Data Economy - Artificial Intelligence, Semantics, Sovereignty" from Germany and "Smart Data Economy AT/DE 2018 - AI-based Data Products" from Austria enabled cooperative research and development projects. In 2019, the following cooperative projects have been launched for this purpose:

Field of application

Joint project


Construction industryBIMcontracts - „Automated payment and contract management in construction using distributed ledger technology and BIM-5D";
Automotive industryCampaNeo - „Platform for real-time vehicle data campaigns";
Production and
Process industry
ExDRa - „Exploratory Data Science over Raw Data“;
Business AdministrationFuture Data Assets - „Intelligent data accounting to determine the entrepreneurial data capital";
Production and
Supply Chain Management
PLASS - „Platform for Analytical Supply Chain Management Services";
Health ManagementTelemed5000 - „Development of an intelligent system for telemedical co-care of large collectives of cardiological risk patients";

ICT of the future - AI platforms

Parallel to the BMWi's innovation competition "Artificial Intelligence as a Driver for Economically Relevant Ecosystems", the Austrian call for proposals "ICT of the Future - AI Platforms" was held. Four Austrian submissions qualified for funding in cooperation with a project from the AI Innovation Competition. Through these cooperations, cross-border cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence is being further promoted. The following cooperations have been established:

Field of applicationJoint project
Health Management EMPAIA - EcosysteM for Pathology diagnostics with AI Assistance
Health ManagementKI-SIGS - Artificial Intelligence Space for Intelligent Health Systems
Health ManagementAIQNET - Medical Data Ecosystem  

ICT of the future

As part of Austria's national ICT funding programme "ICT of the Future", the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture invited tenders for projects in April 2020, whereby the participation of German partners was a prerequisite for funding. The aim of the call was to strengthen cooperation between Austrian and German project partners in topics such as the complexity of ICT solutions, secure systems, intelligent systems and interoperability.
This resulted in the following three cooperation projects, which started in spring 2021.

Field of applicationJoint project
Traffic safety D-TRAS
Sensor technologyCARNIVAL

Production of the future

A joint German-Austrian call for proposals "Smart and Sovereign Use of Data for Production" by the German BMWi and the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) for the funding of a lead project ran until 20.8.2020. The aim of the cooperation is to increase flexibility and efficiency in production by processing production-relevant data. In particular, the lead project should also illustrate the technological and economic benefits of the open GAIA-X platform.
As the winner of the competition, the EuProGigant project with a German-Austrian consortium started on 1 March 2021.

Field of applicationJoint project
Production EuProGigant