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Smart Services Worlds

The Smart Services Worlds funding programme forms part of the 'High-tech Strategy for Germany' and is funded with 50m euros by the BMWi.

Smart Services Worlds

 'Smart Services Worlds – Internet-based Business Services'

In 2015, some 15 billion devices in the world were hooked up to the internet. By 2020, this number is likely to rise to 30 billion. Highly automated technology allows for the big data streams resulting from this to be analysed, processed and combined in new ways to create innovative smart services. Smart services form the basis for a new class of manufacturing and value networks that open up new possibilities in manufacturing, such as for use in the instant production of batch-size one, tailored sneakers, and for the development and design of new products and services. This also means that they can be used to create new business models. Used in the private home, smart services have the potential to deliver greater levels of security and safety, convenience, and energy efficiency. Smart services are service platforms that bring together developers, operators and users. As such, they are subject to certain legal requirements, not least to data privacy rules.

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has launched a technology programme entitled 'Smart Services Worlds – Internet-based Business Services', under which it is providing funding for 20 smart-services projects. The programme is to help developers gain access to markets, build a customer base, and ultimately make German businesses more competitive. More specifically, each of the projects is about building a prototype solution that is based on networked smart technical systems and allows for data to be gathered, analysed and used for new services that can be provided via services platforms, app stores and other online market places.Apart from the funding itself, the project developers also benefit from research that is being conducted in the interest of answering important legal questions and addressing challenges related to standardisation, the security of platform architecture, as well as digital business models and the platform economy.

In total, the 'Smart Services Worlds' programme including the funding provided by the project partners themselves is worth some 100 million euros. More than a hundred partners from industry and science have become part of the initiative.