Smart Data - Data Innovations

Revenue from big data solutions is projected to be over 50 billion euros in 2017. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has created the technology program “Smart Data – Data Innovations” to promote 13 select flagship projects that are developing innovative services. This should initiate a wide usage of smart big data technologies as early as possible.

The aim is to open up the future market for smart data technologies in Germany. In particular, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) should benefit from these technologies due to the ease of manageability - especially in regards to data security and quality. This applies equally to both provider and user. They should contribute to resolving the technical, structural, organisational and legal barriers surrounding the utilisation of smart data technologies.

The BMWi is funding "Smart Data - Data Innovations" with around 30 million euros. The participating companies and organisations are contributing an additional 25 million euros so that the programme has a total funding volume of approximately 55 million euros. The emphasis of this technology programme is on its use in the fields of industry, mobility, energy and health.

Smart data is part of the German Government’s new high-tech strategy and digital agenda.

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